Special Forces workout trick [adapted for civilians]

Interval training workouts are a great way of efficiently burning body fat and improving your overall fitness. The higher intensity level of the workouts split up with short spans of rest and recovery makes these workouts better than doing cardio like biking or running for long distances.

You probably think guys in the special forces spend hours and hours in the gym every day, right? Wrong…


Truth is, they never know when and where they are going to be able to grab a workout. Which means they need quick workouts they can do anywhere. And…


Their training needs to prevent them from getting run down. That way their testosterone stays high so they can recover quickly and be ready for action at any moment.


I know this cause my buddy Todd is ex-SpecOps and SWAT. And although he’s never shared this before now, because of the Low-T epidemic he feels he needs to give you access to it asap…


=> Special Forces workout trick [adapted for civilians]

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