3 Abs Workout Mistakes

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I have logged a large number of fitness sessions over my profession and everybody wants to learn more about abs exercises and abs exercises.

My clients need to know how to lose stomach fat and get a six-pack, or at least they just want to reduce belly fat so they have a firm abs that look good in their clothes (and naked).

I cannot blame them. Who doesn’t want a good looking midsection? Who doesn’t want to get firm abdominal muscles or get lean enough they can say they have a six-pack.

The problem is that 99% of these all have the same misconceptions about abs workouts and abs exercises and how to essentially lose stomach fat and get firm abs.

I’ve narrowed down the errors, myths and misconceptions encircling abs workouts and ab muscles exercises to my top 3.

These 3 abs workout mistakes are created by simply about everyone I’ve ever trained, designed an application for, or consulted.

Are you making these same mistakes?

1) Spending a lot of time doing crunches

I’m just heading to come right out and say it…you don’t have to do crunches to get six pack abs and you sure as heck won’t need to do crunches to lose belly fat or even get a company abs.

Crunches simply don’t work enough muscle and do not burn enough fat calorie consumption to be regarded as a worthwhile exercise in order to lose stomach fat, aside from get firm abs or a six-pack.

Spending 20 minutes a day doing hundreds (or thousands) of crunches is similar to electing Big Bird or Elmo president.

Sure they could sound good and also have all the answers, but it just doesn’t make much sense electing a puppet to such a higher office (sorry, that was my attempt at a tale).

Doing hundreds, or even countless numbers, of crunches will improve your abdomen, that’s for certain, but what does it matter if you still have a coating of flabby goo covering up all the hard work?

Instead you need to spotlight full body workout routines and full body abs exercises to be able to lose belly fat fast and get the firm, toned belly or 6-pack abs you’re after.

Take for example this abs workout, only using full body abdominal muscles exercises, I created for a client. Do that mini-circuit before your regular workout, when you’re still fresh, and that means you really can hit your ab muscles hard.

1A) Dumbbell Overhead Squat – 10 reps
1B) Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds
1C) Reverse Plank – 30 seconds

Do that in a circuit format, resting 20 seconds following the last exercise before repeating it again two or three 3 times. Do this for some week and you will definitely visit a difference in your abs and you may lose stomach fat.

2) Throwing all of your hard work out the entranceway by consuming poorly

What good will it do to work so difficult in your fat loss workouts only to get back, or leave your home fitness space, and eat junk?

What sense does it make that in the end your effort, you ruin it with poor diet plan every day? This is potentially one of the dumbest things you could do. I don’t imply to be rude, I’m just trying to place it bluntly.

If you want to reduce stomach fat and get firm abs, or even six-pack abs, you need to clean up your daily diet and stop eating so poorly. You have to quit eating processed junk within boxes and hand bags like crackers and chips, cease eating things such as bagels and prepared breads and start consuming more fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, nuts, legumes and healthy fat.

You also need to start out eating multiple times during the day, which especially means eating breakfast. In addition, it means eliminating the night time snacking and reducing alcohol.

Guess what happens to cut out, so do it.

Remember what your targets are. You would like to lose belly fat and you need to get firm abdominal muscles. Eat like it!

3) Not actively flexing, or bracing, your ab muscles atlanta divorce attorneys exercise

It’s unfortunate that I must say this, but frequently, people don’t actively flex their abs while doing an abdominal muscles exercise.

I have no idea why. You’d believe that because you’re doing an ab muscles exercise that you would be flexing your abs hard every repetition, but way too many people just feel the motions and to much too fast.

You need to decelerate and actively flex your abs if you are doing an abs exercise. And for each and every exercise that isn’t an abdominal muscles exercise, you will need to brace them like somebody is going to punch you in the belly.

Doing so will make sure that you figure out how to “control” your ab muscles and ensure that when you do lose stomach fat that you’ll have a precise and toned midsection worth praise.

I also want you to think about it this way…every exercise should be an abs exercise. If you brace your abs during every single exercise in your weight loss workout, you’ll essentially change each and every exercise into an abdominal muscles exercise. Doing an upper body press, brace your ab muscles. Performing a lunge, brace your abs. Each and every exercise you do, whether you’re working your abdominal muscles specifically or not, should be converted into an abs exercise.

In the event that you stop making these vital abs workout and abs exercise errors, and begin doing full body exercises with full body abs exercises, I assurance that you will begin to lose belly fat and get company abs (and perhaps even that popular six-pack) very quickly.


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