Understanding Tolerance Build Up May Be Key To Weight Loss Success

Understanding Tolerance Build Up May Be Key To Weight Loss Success | Lose Weight | Fat Bruning | Diet | Burn Fat | Dieting | Healthy Living | Fit Body | Detoxing | #weightloss #fatloss #loseweight #fatburning #burnfat #healthyliving

Metabolic Tolerance Program

Negative effects:

1. Tolerance build up over a period of 4-6 weeks
2. Efficinecy loss due to tolerance build up
3. Regaining the Weight due to efficiency loss

Positive effects of innovative Metabolic Tolerance Cyclisation Program:

1. Stop the tolerance build up
2. Stop the efficinecy loss
3. Weight loss and Long-term maintenance

People who regularly take supplements develop a phenomenon called “tolerance”. Physical tolerance occurs when an organism builds up a resistance to the effects of a substance after repeated exposure.

In order to avoid this and get the expected result cycling the products is required.

Inovativ cyclization program in 3 progressive steps

Phase 1 (30 days): Detox & Weight loss

Since sticking to a clean healthy diet is essential for fat loss, take advantage of the carb-blocking ingredients and appetite-suppressing properties of your DC 247 which will also give you a head start by detoxifying your body, cleansing your liver and urinary tract.

DC 247 will increase your metabolism and improve your mood while speeding up the weight loss process over the first phase.

You’ll find that herbs like Senna leaf, Artichoke and Dandelion also tend to have a laxative, diuretic effect and encourage bowel movements so you have to drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day to keep you hydrated and to increase metabolism.

Understanding Tolerance Build Up May Be Key To Weight Loss Success | Lose Weight | Fat Burning | Burn Fat | Diet | Healthy Living | Dieting | Fit Body | Detoxing | #weightloss #fatloss #loseweight #fatburning #burnfat #healthyliving

Second Phase (30 days): Stress Reduction & Weight Loss

In phase 2 ASC plays an important role with Ashwagandha, the flagship herb of Ayurveda, the traditional system of medicine from India that is effective in lowering the BMI (Body mass index), substantially reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol and also improving overall mood and happiness.

Another important ingredient is Pure Arctic Norwegian kelp that has a potent anti-obesity effect which can be measured as inhibition of increase of the body weight and of the visceral White Adipose Tissue deposition.

The organic iodine present in our Norwegian Kelp helps your body to manufacture sufficient amounts of thyroxine ( T4 hormon) that helps regulate your metabolism and the rate of fat burning in your body.

Third Phase (30 days): Long-term Weight Loss Maintenance

After losing weight you’ll want to maintain your results. In this phase you will simply cycle these 2 products for 15 days each to prevent your body to build up tolerance.

This way you will not only maintain your NEW body weight but will continue to loose even more weight, keep a fast metabolism and progressively reach your goals.

The best way to know if you need to cycle your fat burners is by assessing how you feel when you’re taking them.

If after several weeks you find that you no longer get the “kick” you used to from a regular dose, then it’s time to switch or take a break.

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