2 Household Veggies You Need to QUIT eating RIGHT NOW to MELT at least 41 POUNDS!

2 Household Veggies You Need to QUIT eating RIGHT NOW to MELT at least 41 POUNDS! | Weight Loss Tips | Dieting | Diet | Fat Burning | Burn Fat | Fit Body

Stop what you’re doing right now and read closely because you’re going to hear something that
will make your jaw drop…

I still don’t know how to best handle what my good friend Ex-Marine Gunnery Sergent Kyle Cooper
has discovered, but it’s safe to assume that it’s probably one of the biggest scandals in the health
industry this decade…

A word of caution!
What you’re about to read may shock you to the core and send chills down your spine.
So, go ahead and mute the idiot box right now, and read every word in this email very carefully
because I promise you it’s worth it.


For years and years, we were told that eating all kinds of fruits and vegetables is healthy… Right?
Well, you’re in for a surprising revelation, my friend…
Because countless independently verified medical studies from all over the world and definitive
research from the top universities in the country have clearly demonstrated that certain vegetables
create a serious thyroid imbalance that builds fat in your gut no matter how much sweaty working
out you do.

And not only that…

But some of these vegetables include two deadly fattening amino acids that simply prevent you
from losing weight and increase fat storage…specifically around your stomach and thighs…
It’s a little scary to know that these two acids are injected into most foods that we would consider
good for us…

And in fact, one of the worst of these is also one of the most popular vegetables widely
recommended by most trainers, nutritionists, and even doctors…

But you may be thinking… How can a vegetable cause you to gain weight?
Believe me, my friend Kyle was baffled by the same question when he first heard about this…

Until he met a young and mysterious medical student from Korea while he was serving our country
overseas in Afghanistan, and tasked with training middle-aged, out-of-shape local soldiers and
rapidly transforming them into lean, mean fighting machines.

His name was Sam Pak, and he was part of the combined UN forces, acting as a medical
corpsman, first class.

Kyle and him became good friends, and on one fateful night, as they shared a drink, Sam said:
“Kyle, you’ve got a lot of heart, and you’re working your guys hard… but your approach is all

And he went on to show him a simple, yet incredibly powerful, tweak that almost no one knows
about in Western culture, which has the power to engage the body’s natural fat burning cycles and
quite literally completely transform anyone’s body.

In fact, this same method is exactly how a 43-year-old, out-of-shape woman, who was struggling
with heart problems due to her weight, who was pumping herself full of pills for high blood
pressure and emerging diabetes, managed to lose over 41lbs in a matter of weeks…

And this isn’t the craziest part of her story…

Here’s what shocked me to the core:
All her previous medical problems and diseases in her body completely vanished after losing that

Her story actually made the six o’clock news because all she had to do was to remove two
vegetables (which I will show you in a minute) from her diet to not only lose those 41lbs from the
most stubborn areas…

…but her insulin went back to normal, she managed to avert heart disease and she was looking
great and feeling better than she had since she was 25!

In fact, I will share more details about her story in a minute, but let me warn you of something
before that…

The media has been telling us for years what to eat and what not to eat…yet when you look around,
you can clearly see that they don’t have a CLUE of what they’re doing…

Just look at the current state of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and the chronic
obesity epidemic, just to name a few.

The sad truth is that you have been lied to…A LOT!

And brace yourself because you might get a bit pissed off, maybe even swear a little, when you see
the list of fruits and vegetables that you thought were healthy…

But nothing can be further from the truth.

And after watching this short video, you will be relieved because you will know exactly what
“healthy” foods to avoid so you look lean and feel young again.

Discover the 2 Household Veggies You Need to QUIT eating RIGHT NOW to MELT at least 41
POUNDS! {video}

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