“Hidden” Body-part makes You LOOK Fat!

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There’s a ‘hidden’ body-part you’ve likely never heard of… and it’s probably making you look like you’re at least 5-7% higher body fat than you actually are.  It tends to create a lower belly bulge, love handles that don’t belong, and can actually lead to low back pain when left untreated.

In Physical Therapy, this is one of the most common body-parts that are screened for, an area that is seeked out and fixed with hands-on attention, and one for which I’ve received specialized training.  When released, our clients feel enormously better, almost as if blood flow returned to a vital area; and they have confidence to address new body goals.

Over the last several months, I’ve been studying how this same body-part affects emotions, neurological balance, and confidence.  Interestingly, it has an enormous effect, and when unrecognized can lead to sadness, depression, anxiety, or lack of will-power.

2 weeks ago, I was given access to a brand new book on this exact topic, read it word for word, watched the videos that correspond, and then called a meeting with the authors.  I found the information to be both fascinating and easily digestible.  Profound, I might say…

…and extremely important for you.  So, here it is, and I recommend you read it page for page.  ‘Unlock’ your abs, get rid of love handles, feel more self-confident, and get rid of old emotional baggage; all through this often missed body-part:

“Hidden” Body-part makes You LOOK Fat — (CLICK HERE)

Please ‘do’ send us feedback and let us know how you’re feeling 2 weeks from now.  Most people experience and see preliminary effects within 20-30 minutes, so you may as well get started.

Oh, one more thing — make sure you take a look at your body from the front and side before you get started, so you can visually see the difference inside of a half hour.

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