Cold Kills Fat Cells

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There is a big difference between losing fat and permanently killing off fat cells.


You lose fat with diet and exercise, you KILL fat cells through something completely different…


We used to think fat cells were permanent… once you gained a fat cell it basically became immortal fat, stuck on your belly for the rest of your life…


Turns out, this isn’t true, fat cells do live a long time (roughly ten years), but they do eventually die.


And.. sometimes this process can be sped up.


Like when your fat is exposed to cold.


Cold kills fat cells.


This is important…. COLD KILLS FAT CELLS


This means something non-exercise and non-nutrition related can have a DIRECT impact on the amount of fat cells in your body.


Now, you may be wondering… why should you care?


Well here’s the thing…


When you gain weight you also gain fat cells.  People who are overweight typically have MORE fat cells that people who are lean.


However, when someone who has been overweight loses weight, they STILL have more fat cells than someone who is the EXACT same weight, but was never overweight.


When you diet your fat cells shrink, but they don’t go away.


This matters because recent research suggests the the number of fat cells you have impact how hungry you are.


And research shows that people who were overweight, but then lost weight are typically hungrier than people who are the same weight, but were never overweight.


In other words, the number of fat cells you have matters.


Losing fat cells also smooths out stubborn fat areas like your love handles and stomach “paunch”.


Even better, research suggests this loss is near permanent.


The best part is you have the ability to alter the number of fat cells you have, WITHOUT diet or exercise.


The process is slow, but the research is impressive.


This is the topic of Brad Pilon’s new book.


If you’re interested you can check it out here —> Fat Cell Killer

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