5 Special Moves to Transform Your Body

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There are a lot of exercises and moves that will overall give a person a good body and added health benefits. Many people go to the gym to get their body in shape. But here are 5 exercises that will never disappoint you and are simple to do at home. They are:

Sumo squats: Sumo squats are done by dumbbells and they burn a lot of calories. It is one of the best exercises for giving a good shape to your inner thighs and the glutes, that are situated in the buttocks area. By effectively toning this part of the muscles, you can get a proper derriere. The sumo squat is a kind of wide legged squat and is an excellent exercise for the inner thighs.

Jackknife crunches: The jackknife crunches are another powerful set of moves that will focus on your abs. It also strengthens your lower back and the legs giving all the benefits of a cardio workout. It uses a lot of body muscles and hence also strengthens the muscles.

Reverse lunges: Reverse lunges are known for improving cardiac health and focuses more on your thighs. The reverse lunge with front kick is a simple exercise and your thighs can reduce really quick with this move. One set has to be done on each leg everyday and it will lead to a good balance of the body.

Fire hydrants: Fire hydrants along with kicks are particularly advantageous for the inner thighs, hips and the buttocks. Stretching after this exercise will improve the amplitude of movements, muscle flexibility and also make the muscles very strong. Hamstrings, adductors, abductors and glutes all work together in this move.

Planks: Planks is a very popular exercise now and involves a lot of muscle groups together. The prime advantage of performing planks is that it gives a toned belly, reduces back pain and increases the flexibility of the body. Also, the posture and balance of the body are improved.



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