Kick Your Way to a Sexy Booty

This is a comprehensive lower-body exercise that focuses on your thighs and bum. It also doubles as a heart exercise. It only takes half an hour but you are assured it is going to be challenging. The drill encompasses three sets of activities. You will cycle in each package for nine minutes and rest for one. All this happens in between the sets.

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The movements selected are tough. All are meant to push your stamina and muscles to the limit. It is only when you push yourself you get positive results.

This drill will form your buttocks, align the thighs, and push up your calorie burn in half an hour. Check it out and share your experience.


Dumbbells weighing between 5-10 lb.

Towel or mat

A timer

Get down to business:

Cycle through the movements in every set for 9 minutes. Take a minute-long break. Always follow instructions to the letter to avoid injuries. Push yourself, but in the right direction.

First Set:

Dumbbell Squat & Press – 12

Alternating Reverse Lunges with Dumbbells – 24

Sumo Squats – 20

Butt Thrusts – 40

Second Set:

Dumbbell Squat & Press – 12

Jumping Jacks -40

Jump Squats – 10

Sumo Squats – 20

Third Set:

Donkey Kicks for each leg – 40

Fire Hydrants for each leg – 20

Butt Kicks – 40

Fire Hydrants

Donkey Kicks

Jump Squats

Jumping Jacks

Butt Kicks

Sumo Squats

Alternating Reverse Lunges with Dumbbells

Dumbbell Squat & Press


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