A look at 17 days Walk/Run Plan

Running is considered to be the best option for slimming, toning and promotion of total body transformation. The 17 day Walk/Run Plan is considered to be a great option in this aspect as it helps in starting a well designed and balanced routine. Though some people think it is a workout of the leg, it requires the cooperation of the full body for running safely and efficiently. Your chest requires expansion for taking the prerequisite amount of air, and the core should be tight and strong for keeping you balanced.

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Here is an easy to follow a running routine that is mixed with cross training and rest days. For the building of the leg muscles in order to run in a powerful manner, it is essential to enhance the capacity of the lungs for running for a longer period of time.

The routine

Go for half a mile of a brisk walk on the first day. On the second day, go for 1/2 mile for a brisk walk again along with 30 seconds of a slow job. You can take rest on the third day. It is recommended to go for cross training for a time duration of 10 minutes at least on the fourth day. You can again take rest on the 5th day, after which you should go for 3/4 mile brisk walk on the 6th day, followed by slow job for a minute. Go for cross training for 10 minutes at least on the 7th day.

On the 8th and 9th day, you should go for 2 minutes and brisk walk and 1 minute of a slow job. It should be repeated 5 times for the time session of 15 minutes on 8th day whereas, on the 9th day, you should be repeating the same for at least 3 times for 15 minutes. After taking rest on the 10th day, opt for cross training for at least 15 minutes on the 11th day. After resting on the 12th day, go for 5 minutes of brisk walk along with 1-minute slow job which requires repetition for four times for the time duration of 24 minutes. After completing cross training for at least 15 minutes, make sure to take rest on the 15th day. After undergoing cross training for 20 minutes on the 16th day, go for 6 minutes of brisk walk along with 2 minutes of a slow job on the 17th day. It is essential to repeat the same at least 3 times for 27 minutes.

Following this workout regime is sure to help you in shedding extra kilos.

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