Why You Need Yoga Morning Stretch This Winter!

With this type of weather, it’s a bit difficult to wake up for your normal morning workout. However, with yoga stretching exercise, you do not need to be out there, in fact, you can do it right on your bed. Besides, it’s a very simple exercise which means that nearly everybody can comfortably do it without having to worry about back pains especially if you make it a routine.

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Yoga morning stretch allows you to stretch your chest, back, and hips for the blood and nutrients the evenly flow to all parts of your body without difficulties. To sum it all, you can now do some warm up to the best of your ability to make your body more stimulated.

For even better results, time yourself for every pose you hold, preferably at least 30 seconds per pose; then take a deep breath and concentrate. Trust me, after your routine yoga stretching exercise which may not even last for more than 10 minutes, you are up to a very wonderful day; you will not only feel relaxed but also more energized.

1. Cat Cow Pose

2. Cobra Pose

3. Upward Facing Dog

4. Half Frog Pose

5. Bridge Pose

6. Bow Pose

7. Child’s Pose


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