The Top 6 Gym Machine Moves That Can Help Tighten Your Abs

Adding resistance to any exercise is a great way to jump off plateaus and see some serious gains. Using cable machines instead of standard gym machines is an ineffective and inefficient approach to a great exercise.

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The following are 6 cable ab exercises that can help you improve your crunches:

Below are a must-watch videos that will help you adopt a proper from and get to decrease your risk of injuries related to imbalance as well as improve your workout results drastically:

Standing Cable Lift

Standing cable lifts is an awesome movement you can use in place of traditional deadlifts. This movement works the hips, chest, back, shoulders, and torso rotators. You can use this cable machine to tone up your middle, whittle your waistline, and sculpt sexy, flat abs.

Standing Wood Chopper

Adding the standing wood chopper helps to work out the obliques and upper abs and also ensures the heart rate is up.

Cable Crunch

Despite their simplicity, cable crunches is an effective exercise to include in your workout routine. Cable crunches engage the core allowing you to get tight and strong abs.

One-Arm High Cable Side Bends

While traditional dumbbells can be used to perform side bends, a cable machine proves more effective as it helps to add resistance both downwards and upwards. It can be used to strengthen your obliques.

Cable Reverse Crunches

The reverse crunches can be the best thing that ever happened to your abs. A cable machine makes your abs work harder by keeping resistance constant during exercises.

Standing Rope Cable Crunch

The standing rope cable crunch serves to isolate the upper and middle abs. This cable machine is great for developing some real abdominal power.

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