28-Day Flat Belly Challenge

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We introduce 28-day flat belly challenge. It is recognized to be a 4 week ab workout which lets you do a complete intense workout for twenty minutes daily for almost 28 days. There are almost four HIIT workouts every week in addition to three ab workouts. This workout regime is for challenging the stamina that enhance the heart rate. It is also beneficial in toughening the core within a time duration of 28 days. You just have rest periods for a time session of 20 seconds. This challenge is beneficial in testing your cardiovascular health and endurance. It helps you developing steady and strong abdominals.

What you require

In order to opt for this program, you require a gym timer, a gym mat and a set of light to medium dumbbells. You will need five moves assigned daily by which you can perform every move for almost 20 seconds and the rest for another twenty. You need to complete each and every move and repeat for a total of four rounds.

Week 1 and 2

On Sundays, you can perform jump squats, alternating reverse lunges, burpees, walking lunges. On Mondays, you can go for ab bikes, hip dips, leg lifts, toe touches. You can perform squat to shoulder press, mountain climbers, walking lunges and push-ups during Tuesdays of 1st and 2nd week. On Thursday, you will be able to perform walking lunges, jump squats, alternative reverse lunges, burpees. You can start your workout on Fridays by toe touches, Russian twist, hip dips and leg lifts. On Saturdays, you can go for squat to shoulder press, mountain climbers, push-ups and walking lunges.

3rd and 4th week

Start your workout on Sunday by burpees, tuck jumps, speed skaters, walking lunges with dumbbells. You can also start the Mondays by jackknife crunch, Russian twist, reverse crunch, and sit-ups. Make sure to perform speed skaters, mountain climbers, tuck jumps and push-ups on Tuesday. You can opt for straight leg jackknife crunch, Russian twist, hip dips, reverse crunch. Choose walking lunges with dumbells, push-ups, burpees on Thursdays whereas the Fridays on 3rd and the 4th week should include reverse crunch, sit-ups, straight leg jackknife crunch and Russian Twist.

Reverse Crunch:

Sit Ups:

Jackknife Crunch:


Squat to Shoulder Press:

Mountain Climbers:

Hip Dips:

Leg Lifts:

Toe Touches:

Russian Twist:

Ab Bikes:

Walking Lunges:

Jump Squats:

Alternating Reverse Lunges:

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